the afternoon / project is a communitive project based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The project aims to push and support the art, the music and the community of the URBAN – UNDERGROUND culture of the city, of the country and the world.

local / art

Social Awareness Project
‘Social Awareness Project’ was a conscious collection of works of art, videos, etc. that addressed social issues aiming to raise awareness about equality, individualism, diversity, social acceptance, mental disorders, the environment, etc.


After a very difficult period for arts and innovative projects, we have managed to create an organic art community which will be actively contributive in a daily basis in our cities. This could have never been achieved without the trust and support of artists who delivered an impressive, conscious & professional outcome.

local / music

Terrace Project vol.1
One of our first projects, Terrace was the first idea to start with, in a ‘covid’ atmosphere, a small & tiny party (live streaming) was set to deliver. DJ GeeS was providing music after a long time without any dancefloors.
Terrace Project vol.2 / Laiki Geitonia
Afternoon Project Nicosia took the opportunity to explore Laiki Geitonia and created a rooftop gathering next to the square in order to promote the surrounding areas. We believe that supporting Laiki Geitonia and its artists/exhibitionists will create a prospectus area for both locals and tourists while preserving the traditional character of Old Nicosia.
Around / Nicosia Old Town / vol.1
Around / Project a concept that combines the city and underground music of Nicosia. Around aims in supporting the local underground DJ scene, as well as showing the modern-classic contradiction Nicosia has to offer.
At afternoon project, we are more than proud to collaborate with BillyD as his consistency, quality and experience through underground techno has proven these 11 years to be critically vital including the culture of Nicosia.
Around / Nicosia Old Town / vol.2
Hxos is an avid explorer and enthusiast of vinyl who spent many years abroad searching for soul enchanting sounds. His music selection is mainly focused on Minimal Techno, combined with hypnotic tones – offering you the entrancing combination on the dance floor.
We deeply thank Hxos for the collaboration and wishing him to keep the underground philosophy in his music!

local / industry

Sten Silk / Workshop Project / project was the beginning of an alternative way of exploring the local industry through collaborations with communities, artists, interdisciplinary projects and industrial factories. The project at ergostasion.minos examined the printing technique of silk screen printing surrounded by barking sounds of Alley Cats – the crew of  Barking Cats Radio.
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